Last Silk Road Bitcoin auction in 2015?

The US Marshal Service (USMS) announced that the last auction of confiscated from Ross Ulbricht Silk Road Bitcoins will probably take place later this year. Overall, the USMS seized in 2013 more than 144,000 BTC (then worth around 122 million US dollars) from Ulbricht’s private inventory and additional 29 655 BTC from the wallets of the online black market.

The auction for the 44 336 Bitcoins selected investors offered will be the last auction in the case Silk Road. A USMS spokesman said that one could not give an exact date, but the auction probably take place before the end of this year.

Until now, the USMS has held three auctions – At the recent auction in March 50k Bitcoins came under the hammer. At that time, 14 bidders participated in the auction and the Bitcoin mining companies Cumberland was awarded the contract for the lion’s share of 47,000 BTC.

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