Last Week’s Bitcoin Trading Volumes Were The Highest Ever

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The final week of bitcoin trade was a crazy one, a digital banking hitting a new 15-month high above $500 and exhibiting one of a many aroused cost swings in new memory.

Drowned out by all a cost sound was a regard that a sum volume traded was by distant a top ever, according to information reported by

Before we go further, a disclaimer should be done that a immeasurable infancy of all bitcoin trade volume takes place on unregulated venues. There is no declaration as to either trades ever happened, or if they were conducted by or on interest of genuine people. Furthermore, a infancy of a reported bitcoin trade volume comes out of China, where a sum reported by exchanges have been a theme of scrutiny.

This all said, there is expected something to a numbers when such unusual cost movement takes place.

  • On Oct 30, a record 2.49 million bitcoins (worth roughly $800 million) were reportedly traded- some-more than one-sixth (16.8%) of sum series of bitcoins in circulation. This occurred when bitcoin crossed into certain domain ($320) for a initial time this year.

Total Bitcoin Trading Volume