Lavaboom Offers Secure, Encrypted Mail Service

Privacy is a luxury these days, thanks to governments and big corporations. Whenever we use the internet, we have to assume that our web activities and communications are being monitored. If not actively, then passively at least. Loads of leaked documents which end up on Wikileaks serves as standing proof of that.

Governments are paranoid and they want to exert control over everyone’s lives. Similarly, corporations are hungry for user information and their activities over the internet. User data is valuable information for them, it helps them profile individuals and sell it to advertising firms to deliver targeted advertisements. The likes of Microsoft and Google are already under fire by individuals and privacy advocacy groups for analyzing mail contents and showing related advertisements etc.

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Lavaboom, a company based out of Germany which is offering a secure mail service. Some people, especially bitcoin users value their privacy a lot, and there are others whose profession makes them targets of espionage by both domestic and foreign governments. Having a secure email client and service is very important to them. Lavaboom intends to fill in the gaps currently left behind by other emails services to offer a completely secure and private email experience. Currently in private beta stage, the company intends to fill in the place left behind by Lavabit, another secure email client which was forced to close after the United States federal authorities demanded access to user emails and encryption keys.

Lavaboom offers two email plans, a free one for individuals and paid version for companies and organizations. The paid plans can be availed by paying the required fee with bitcoin. Lavaboom uses zero-knowledge architecture, combined with standard client side encryption. According to the website, Lavaboom is just getting started with its email service and it looks like the company is planning to create other tools in the near future.

Lavaboom uses keychain for encryption and to generate public keys. The public key is required for encryption and description of content. Those interested in trying Lavaboom can register on the website to receive invite and start using it.

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