Law Enforcement Watch Helplessly as Deep Web Crime Thrives

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While hidden services and illegal marketplaces on the dark web are growing, law enforcement authorities are facing inner problems. Since the lack of manpower and proper skills among authorities, the dark net remains a “safe place” for criminals to operate.

According to cybersecurity specialists, law enforcement agencies need to do a major change in terms of their tech infrastructure and human resources. Dinesh O Bareja, a cybersecurity expert, suggests designing specific programs to increase efficiency levels and training of law enforcement personnel:

“Law enforcement agencies in the country are obsessed with the creation of ‘state of the art’ cyber cells and equipping them with analytical tools. But digital investigation skills, beyond the tangible world of hard disks and IP addresses, is still beyond their imagination. Training programs must provide skills and knowledge in the right mix of technology, law, processes and people. By creating cyber cells, the expectation is that expertise will come naturally but that is not so. Every law enforcement official must be trained in all aspects related to cybersecurity and must accept that this is critical and important.”

Sastry Tumuluri, another expert in the case, believes that it is a must for law enforcement authorities to have information

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