Lawnmower Favors Investing Over Making Bitcoin More Accessible

Lawnmower was once touted to be one potential killer-app for Bitcoin and digital currency, as they had a feature that would let users convert spare change into Bitcoin. Not only was this solution rather elegant, but it was also a convenient way for users to keep accumulating small amounts of Bitcoin without too much hassle. But ever since the team decided to pivot their business model into an investment app, the Bitcoin community is looking far less favorable upon this app.

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Lawnmower Had A Lot of Potential

TheMerkle_Lawnmower Buy Bitcoin

Surviving in the Bitcoin world as a startup is far from an easy task these days, as some business models will just not work out as intended. The same can be said for Lawnmower, a platform that once prided itself on offering a very convenient way for users to buy Bitcoin. It has to be said; their solution was a rather simple way for people to get their hands on tiny portions of Bitcoin now and then.

The way Lawnmower worked was by rounding up purchases – assuming the

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