Lawyers’ lives being made easier thanks to Stampery and the Bitcoin blockchain

Blockchain notarisation provider Stampery says one of its main user groups is lawyers dealing in sensitive documents. Stampery, released to the public barely a month ago, uses the Bitcoin blockchain to generate an immutable record of existence, integrity and ownership for any set of data – files, documents, pictures and emails.

Daniele Levi, CEO of Stampery, told IBTimes UK that there were three types of users emerging – lawyers looking to certify documents, creatives using it to establish rights ownership and businesses generating prior art of their intellectual property.

Levi said: “We were speaking to one Spanish lawyer who said this makes his life very easy. He receives a lot of documents, he does a lot of due diligence. He would receive documents on a CD which he would take to a Spanish notary to prove this was the set of documents he received on this specific day.

“Now he just makes a zip of the documents as soon as he receives them and he drag and drops this zip to Stampery, and he has irrefutable proof this was the set of documents he received on a specific day. He can sleep well at night because he doesn’t care any more about the

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