Leading European airline, Wizz Air, promoting the world’s first bitcoin-only espresso bar

Wizz Air is one of the largest European ultra-low-cost airlines. Listed on the London Stock exchange last year, the company offers flights on over 400 routes from 22 operating bases in Central and Eastern Europe, and intends to maintain its growth this year by adding 32 new routes. The company issued 19,443,745 tickets in the past twelve months, 21.7% more than the previous twelve months.  

In addition to its low-cost flights, the company produces a website and the bi-monthly print magazine, Wizz, with a potential reach of 3.2 million travellers per issue. The editorial focuses on lifestyle, culture, food and drink, and influential personalities rooted in Wizz Air destinations.

In the February to March issue, the publication featured a “coffee laboratory” and espresso bar called Bitcoin Coffee, based in Prague, the Czech Republic. Launched by Project Manager Boris Kalisky in 2014, Bitcoin Coffee is the world’s first espresso bar to only accept bitcoin.

Unlike conventional fiat money, bitcoin can be used to make secure, verifiable payments for goods and services, without the need for intermediaries, such as Visa or Mastercard, which impose transaction fees that can add up over time.