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Leak: Valve Is Bringing Bitcoin Payments to Steam

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 New interpretation strings in Steam’s Translation Server – a plan to focus Steam in 26 languages –  suggest that diversion developer and digital distributor Valve will shortly start to offer bitcoin as a remuneration choice to a world’s biggest PC gaming distributor and store, Steam.

A leaked fibre from Steam’s interpretation plan has suggested that Valve’s Steam will shortly confederate bitcoin as a remuneration choice to a PC gaming community. The formation is done probable by regulating Bitpay’s API, a trickle shows.

The strings were leaked on Reddit and are enclosed below:


Bitcoin exchange are certified by a BitPay website. Click a symbol next to open a new web browser to trigger a transaction.


Tips for Bitcoin customers


This routine can take adult to 60 seconds. To equivocate purchasing failures, greatfully do not strike your behind symbol or tighten a bitpay window before a routine is complete.


Note: Any authorized refunds for purchases done with Bitcoin can usually be credited to your Steam wallet


Your squeeze is now in swell and is watchful for acknowledgment of Bitcoin

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