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Ledger is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal dedicated to publishing full-length original research articles on the centered on cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology. The Journal is published online by the University of Pittsburgh on a quarterly basis. The publication also covers any relevant intersections with computer science, mathematics, law, engineering, and economics.

The journal Ledger is freely accessible to all readers and authors. It encourages authors to digitally sign their manuscripts and timestamp the published manuscripts in the Blockchain. The Journal does this without charging fees to the authors. Ledger tries to foster transparency, and before any publication of an article, Ledger will embed the hash of the final paper within the Blockchain, and the owner will be required to sign it.

Ledger employs a transparent peer-review process; In comparison to other Journals, Ledger seems to have adopted an attitude of unbiased critical appraisal throughout the academic process that render them a sophisticated “peer-reviewed” journal for cryptocurrencies.

Ledger has designed a peer review system, where reviews can be freely published by authors. The Journal ensures that reviewers can publish their feedback, while holding them accountable for their reviews.

As it charges no fees for publishing papers, distribution or access, the Ledger

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