Ledger, Crypto Only Journal for the Academia

Publish or perish, is the motto followed by the academia. Academic research is a highly competitive field where scientists and students alike work hard in their respective fields of study and compete against each other to publish their findings in various peer reviewed journals.

There are numerous peer-reviewed journals and periodicals related to almost all fields of study, science, technology, management, arts etc. Until now there were no specific journal for cryptocurrency alone. Most of the research done on the cryptocurrency sector was so far being published in journals related to computer science, information technology, cryptography, economies, finance etc. Not anymore, for the field of cryptocurrency now has its own dedicated journal.

Ledger is a cryptocurrency only journal started by the University of Pittsburgh. It is a peer-review journal where full length research articles related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is published. Unlike many scholarly journals, there are no pay-walls with Ledger. All articles on Ledger are open source and easily accessible by everyone.

Ledger covers a wide range of subjects, as long as the articles are connected to cryptocurrency. It may belong to a wide range of subjects including computer science, mathematics, engineering, economics or even law.


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