Ledger Wallet Is One Of The Most Secure Bitcoin Wallets You Can Get

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You can call Ledger Wallet CEO Eric Larchevêque a Winklevoss of France given that he stores around 1,000 bitcoins on his bitcoin wallet — that’s around $450,000 as of today. But it also shows how secure a company’s wallet is. we interviewed him on a theatre during CES.

Ledger Wallet’s initial product was a arrange of USB pivotal that we would clear regulating a PIN code. Now what happens if we remove it? Your bitcoins are protected as we need a private pivotal to send these bitcoins. You can even redeem your wallet and send your bitcoins to a new wallet.

In other words, Ledger Wallet multiplies a series of factors to entrance your bitcoins, including a earthy element. And even if your mechanism is infected, hackers can’t entrance your bitcoins as a many critical partial of a formula is executed from a wallet directly.

The association also showcased a new wallet, a Ledger Blue. It has a hold screen, supports USB, Bluetooth and NFC and uses a same kind of mechanisms as a company’s prior wallet.

I also asked Larchevêque what he suspicion about a stream meridian around bitcoin. He’s still bullish though things

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