LexisNexis Aiming To Stop Bitcoin Bad Guys In Their Tracks

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Bitcoin appeals to many opposite people, including a sinful ones that like a anonymity compared with digital currency. LexisNexis, a association that provides banks with anti-money laundering controls, is aiming to stop a bad guys in their marks when regulating bitcoin for bootleg activities and is teaming adult with London startup Elliptic to do so.

LexisNexis reportedly pronounced it is partnering with Elliptic to emanate a new use that brings bank-grade control to exchange done in bitcoin. The thought is that it will make a digital banking some-more appealing to those who wish to control legitimate exchange and not usually for drug traffickers who don’t wish to be traced. LexisNexis uses a database of scarcely 3 million tellurian entities that could be concerned in unlawful exchange and common it with Elliptic, that will guard bitcoin transactions. It will warning clients, including bitcoin exchanges and

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