Liberland Goes All-in on Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency


Liberland is one of a many appealing initiatives a cryptocurrency universe has ever seen. Up until this point, a republic would accept fiat banking payments and cryptocurrency transfers alike. As it turns out, traffic with fiat banking and banks stays a pivotal problem for innovative projects. As of yesterday, a republic usually traffic with cryptocurrency, essentially in Bitcoin. But that does not meant other currencies will not make an impact in a future.

The Liberland Story Keeps Getting Longer

When Liberland was founded initially, many people were endangered over a viability of this project. Claiming a square of land between Croatia and Serbia that no one “owned” seemed like a unsure venture. For some residents, it has proven to be utterly a dispatch ever since, with several people removing arrested in a process.

But a Liberland President, Vit Jedlicka, has no skeleton on giving adult on his dreams of formulating a republic where cryptocurrency will play a vicious role. In fact, after some contention among a “government” of Liberland, a preference was done to go all-in on cryptocurrency. No fiat currencies will be accepted,

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