Liberty Reserve Level of Money Laundering Is Not Possible With Bitcoin

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The judgment of digital banking was obvious approach before Bitcoin and consorts staked their claim. One of a many scandalous digital currencies in story is Liberty Reserve, that eventually unsuccessful since it was still centralized. Furthermore, a owner of Liberty Reserve pleaded guilty to income laundering recently, a judgment that is not probable with Bitcoin by any means.

Liberty Reserve Founder Dug His Own Grave

One of a categorical reasons why Liberty Reserve became so renouned and obvious via a years is since this digital banking was used for rapist activities all over a world. Laundering money online was never easier than by regulating Liberty Reserve, as this sold digital banking was totally unknown from day one.

It should come as no tip to find out a owner of this once renouned digital banking was guilty of rapist activities himself. Based on a news by a United States Department of Justice, Arthur Budovsky pleaded guilty to laundering income value some-more than US$250 million by a Liberty Reserve protocol.

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara of a Southern District of New York stated:

“Arthur Budovsky founded and operated Liberty Reserve, an underworld cyber-banking complement that laundered hundreds of millions of

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