Linux Voice Magazine Hints at Bitcoin Payments for Subscriptions

Bitcoin is being accepted by more and more merchants and retailers on a weekly basis.  One thing that was still lacking for the “directory” of places or options to spend Bitcoin was magazine subscriptions.  But that situation has changed, as subscribers of Linux Voice magazine can pay their subscriptions with a credit card, Paypal and soon with Bitcoin.

Linux Voice – Free software – Free SpeechLinux Voice 2

It should come as no surprise that a tech-oriented magazine such as Linux Voice is among the first ones to embrace Bitcoin payments.  Even though their annual subscription fees are quite low compared to other options, accepting Paypal and credit card payments remains subject to a transaction fee. With Bitcoin, on the other hand, those fees are non-existent.

In this day and age, the magazine market has been saturated with dozens of options revolving around the same topic.  For example, car magazines are plentiful at all news stands; and even computer-oriented magazines are not hard to find.  With so many different options on a local and global scale where do you go?

As far as magazines are concerned, there is a change in the paradigm.  Customers

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