Litecoin Price Technical Analysis for 7/9/2015 – The Moving Average Game Begins

Litecoin has jumped more than 10 percent over the weekend as Bitcoin broke past a crucial resistance level. Now trading at $2.950, Litecoin hit a high of $3.066 before easing a bit.

Litecoin price chartLitecoin price chart


So, will Litecoin head even higher or is this when the rebound fails? Well, it is very hard to say that right now but a clearer picture can definitely be obtained by using some technical indicators and taking cues from the expected Bitcoin price action.

Litecoin Chart Structure – The Resistance can be obtained by connecting the tops of Litecoin for the month of August and it is near $3.400. This is also the level at which the cryptocurrency earlier hit a bottom once (marked as the horizontal blue line).

Moving Averages – In the previous Litecoin price analysis Oversold, But Can Fall More, we discussed how the 9-day SMA of $2.7755 is acting as a ceiling for Litecoin. Piercing it and respecting the 200-day SMA of $2.5478 is definitely a positive but the cryptocurrency might not have it easy when it faces the 30-day SMA

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