Lithuania Ready to Embrace Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology

A new Bitcoin conference will be coming to Europe later this year, and it will be held in Lithuania. Simply dubbed “Bitcoin Conference 2016”, the goal is to attract startups, companies, and investors from all over the world to Lithuania. . This move seems only natural, as an announcement regarding blockchain technology and digital currencies was made by the Lithuanian Vice-Minister of Economy.

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Bitcoin And Blockchain Are Of Great Value To Lithuania

TheMerkle_Blockchain Lithuania

More and more people around the world are starting to see the benefits of both Bitcoin and blockchain technology, which can only lead to further innovation in both industries. Lithuania is the latest region warming up to the concept of Bitcoin, as the country’s Vice-Minister of Economy has mentioned how Lithuania plans to invest in both blockchain technology and digital currencies.

It is no secret how blockchain technology and Bitcoin are one of the most exciting things to happen to the financial world in quite some time. Given the fact how prone this sector is to disruption, Bitcoin seems to hold the upper hand

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