Live Free or Mine: How Libertarians Fell in Love with Bitcoin

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“I knew that online digital money was a good thing for libertarianism from a impulse we listened of it… So, as shortly as bitcoin came along we thought, ‘Oh my God here it is, it’s finally happening!'”

In a Skype call from Tokyo, financier Roger Ver is explaining what initial drew him to bitcoin, and his well-documented passion for a digital banking network is clear and infectious.

“I consider it’s [a chance] for a particular to be in finish control of his or her funds,” he adds.

Having been a distinguished early financier in bitcoin startups, Ver is now putting many of his time into, a new forum and information height that he set adult due to a viewed miss of honesty in a discuss on existent forums.

This expostulate towards honesty and insurgency to any top-down control, along with a bend for leisure of choice as a ultimate right, is emblematic of Ver’s possess genius and that of libertarians as a whole. But over his unrestrained in bitcoin, this seductiveness has widespread to a broader Libertarian community.

But, what was it about a philosophical groundings of libertarianism that done it such a ideal ideological fit

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