Local Apple App Store Pricing Changes Show Why Bitcoin is The Only Global Currency

Bitcoinist_Bitcoin Global CurrencyBitcoinist_Bitcoin Global Currency

There are multiple signals that our current global financial structure is not working optimally, and the recent price restructuring by Apple is yet another indication of why things need to change soon.  App store prices will go up in seven countries around the world, as tech giant Apple needs to account for volatile exchange rate changes in the affected regions. Bitcoin remains the only global currency in existence today where the playing field is even for anyone in the world.

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App Store Price Increase Due To Volatile Financial Markets

Bitcoinist_Bitcoin Apple App Store

Bitcoinist_Bitcoin Apple App Store

Similar to nearly every type of business in the world, an online application store – such as the one run by Apple – needs to adjust its pricing now and then. In most cases, the prices for applications are set by the developers themselves, and Apple will just take a cut from every transaction made on their platform.

However, this

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