London Institute Uses 64 Monitors to Demonstrate How Bitcoin Works

London Institute Uses 64 Monitors to Demonstrate How Bitcoin Works

The Imperial Data Science Institute in London has an exhibit of 64 monitors with lines moving in geometric shapes representing real-time bitcoin transactions, according to The Imperial College of London website.

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Harry Pettit, a graduate student, recently visited the exhibit and discovered it provided a unique way to visualize transactions, according to a news story on the college website. The institute houses the world’s most advanced data visualization platforms. Pettit visited the institute to learn more about bitcoin.

32 Computers For 64 Monitors

The institute houses the KPMG Data Observatory, which has a circular wall of 64 monitors managed by 32 computers that support 313 degrees of surround vision, according to the institute’s website. The institute provides a way for industry and academia to visualize data in ways that create new insights. It also promotes the communication of complex data in a multi-dimensional environment.

Pettit was guided in his visit by an Imperial graduate student, Dan McGinn, who

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