London Mayoral Candidate Wants to Track £17 Billion City Budget in Real Time on the Blockchain

Felix Online, the student magazine of Imperial College London, has published an interview with the Respect Party candidate for mayor of London, George Galloway.

The Respect Party is a left-wing U.K. political party founded in 2004 as an offspring of the Stop the War Coalition, opposing the Iraq War. The Party has been compared to “anti-establishment” political parties such as Syriza in Greece and Podemos in Spain.

Galloway, a controversial politician who appeared in the Big Brother reality show in 2004, joined the Respect Party after having been expelled from the Labour Party.

The Felix Online interview covers many topics of interest to London residents. Galloway is determined to “run Uber out of town” and formulates radical proposals for solving social issues.

“On the housing area for example, we intend to purchase any house that is unlived in for a year to tackle the prevalence of hundreds of thousand of properties in London that are not actually being bought as houses but bought merely to park mainly foreign money beyond the reach of their own regulators and media and so on, and this is simply unacceptable,” says Galloway.

In foreign policy,

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