Lord Voldemort Is Trying to Save Bitcoin

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An unknown cryptographer, who refers to himself as Harry Potter’s mortal rivalry Voldemort, might have come adult with a resolution to residence dual of a biggest issues holding bitcoin back—and a village is commencement to take it seriously.

Earlier this month, bitcoin once again done headlines when a Bitfinex sell announced that it had been hacked and that roughly 120,000 bitcoins (worth $70 million during today’s price) had been stolen. At a same time as this news was breaking, someone was anonymously posting a white paper online that described a new cryptographic custom with a intensity to change a approach bitcoin works, origination it some-more scalable and private.

The offer was called Mimblewimble.

“I call my origination Mimblewimble since it is used to forestall a blockchain from articulate about all user’s information,” the author states in a white paper. The pretension references a spell from J K Rowling’s books that “binds a target’s tongue to keep him or her from articulate about a specific subject,” according to a Harry Potter wiki.

One of a many fast stories surrounding bitcoin is a poser surrounding a unknown creator (or creators), famous usually by a pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto—and a author of

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