Loretta Lynch And The DOJ Are In Trouble! The American Center For Law and Justice (ACLJ) Has Filed a Federal Lawsuit Against Her!


investmentwatchblog.com / BY · PUBLISHED NOVEMBER 24, 2016

by Pamela Williams

It looks like Loretta Lynch is getting ready to reap what she has sewed.  She has held the FBI back in its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email server.  She improperly put a huge burden upon FBI Director James Comey to decide whether to prosecute Hillary Clinton.  It is not the FBI’S duty to prosecute…they can only investigate and recommend an indictment.  She should have been the one Comey went to while giving her the results of the investigation the FBI performed.  Also, the FBI should have been able to do their duties as investigators without any intimidation by the DOJ.

The American Center for Law and Justice want to know why she met with Bill Clinton, the husband of someone being investigated, while her plane was on the tarmac in Arizona.  She basically tainted the whole investigation by doing that.  From what I have read the charmer Bill Clinton trapped Lynch in her plane before she left.  We all know they spoke about the investigation Hillary was under at the time.  What did Bill ask of Loretta?  I think the American Center

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