Lost $136000 in Bitcoin? This Mining Pool is Looking for You


A bitcoin transaction with a 291 BTC fee worth $136,700 was processed as part of block 409,008 on the bitcoin network today, sparking speculation as to the nature of what many are considering a colossal error by an unknown user.

The fee, one of many sent daily to pay bitcoin’s mining network for processing, managed to draw attention on social media due to its notable size. The average cost to clear a transaction on the bitcoin network was 31 satoshis, or roughly $0.01 at press time, a factor providing evidence of a potentially erroneous transaction.

Now, bitcoin mining pool BitClub, which claims to operate two mining locations in Iceland, has sent an email to users in which it asserted that it mined the block. BitClub said it earned a total of 316 BTC (or about $147,000) in fees, the figure equalling the fee plus the 25 BTC network reward.

However, in the email, the mining pool said that it is willing to return the fee, should the user come forward and identify themselves.

BitClub wrote:

“We are currently waiting for someone to reach out to us and claim their mistake

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