LOT Polish Airlines Accepting Bitcoin Payments for Flights

More and more online merchants and companies across various industries are starting to accept bitcoin payments. LOT Polish Airlines recently announced that they will be taking in cryptocurrency transactions to pay for flights through their desktop and mobile websites.

Aside from bitcoin, LOT Polish Airlines also accepts payments through credit cards and PayPal. For now, the airline company doesn’t directly accept bitcoin payments but it exchanges the cryptocurrency for fiat using a service provider.

Bitcoin Payments and Travel

Frequent travellers seem to be accustomed to using bitcoin payments, even for hotel reservations, as this global transaction method has proven to be less costly and incurs lower exchange rate risk. This also eliminates the hassle of having to convert local to foreign currency for multiple trips.

“Many of our customers are shopping online, including flights. It is only a matter of time before virtual currency payments will become as popular as credit card use nowadays. We saw this potential,” explained Jiri Marek executive director of sales and distribution for the company. He reiterated that the airline company is open to every client need, as well as innovations in the travel industry.

Other airline companies that accept bitcoin payments are TAR Airlines in Mexico, Air

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