LOT Polish airlines starts accepting Bitcoin

LOT Polish Airlines recently published a press release on their website announcing that the airline will start accepting Bitcoins.

The press release states that the company saw the potential and rise in the use of digital currencies while shopping online LOTand wanted to be able to cater to those ever growing list of clients. The company allows clients now to buy tickets using Bitcoins on their Desktop site as well as the mobile site. The company also assured that the transactions are convenient and fully secure.

However, a point to be noted is that the airline is not directly accepting Bitcoins but is making use of a payment service provider (PSP) to convert the bitcoins to fiat currency at the payment stage of the buying process.

Without disclosing the name of the company in question, the website said that the currency in which the Bitcoins are to be converted will be the market of purchase (e.g. Poland – PLN; Germany – EUR; USA – USD).

The director of sales and distribution Jiri Marek said:

“It‘s just the matter of time when payments with the online currency will become as popular as using credit cards today. We notice this potential, which is why we are one of the first airlines in the world to give its passengers the possibility of paying with Bitcoins as early as today”

Marek also said that they want to be able to serve every single client and that is why they’re going for innovation, hoping to make their customer’s journey more comfortable and pleasant – not just in flight but also before – at the stage of buying the ticket.

Clients will only be able to see the Bitcoin option once they have chosen the date and time for their flight. The Bitcoins will be converted at the last stage of payment and the entire time client will be on PSP platform. After the approval, the client will be redirected to their wallet where the transaction will be finalized.

The new payment method can be used to pay for global travel, to 60 worldwide destinations. Along with Bitcoin, the airline also accepts PayPal, American Express, MasterCard, Visa and bank transfer. The news is sure to boost sales for the Polish Airlines with the company saying that the airline sells every third ticket via the website.

Earlier in February 2015, Universal Air Travel Plan (UATP) partnered with Bitnet empowering 260 airlines to accept Bitcoin as payment. However, none of them has made the decision to use Bitcoin so far. Hopefully, that is going to change since more and more Airlines are starting to accept Bitcoin now.

LOT is one of the first airlines to accept Bitcoin along with airBaltic and Lithuanian Air, both of whom decided to adopt the digital currency back in 2014.

In June this year, Mexico’s TAR airlines also decided to adopt Bitcoin as a payment method making it the first airline in Latin American to accept Bitcoin.


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