LottoShares Combines Blockchain Technology with Physical Lottery

There is a new type of digital asset in town, which seems to have taken the Bitcoin community by storm over the past 24 hours.  Lottoshares is the name (not to be confused with the altcoin, abandoned by its developer last year) and the goal is to create the world’s first open and transparent lottery using blockchain technology.

LottoShares – Physical Lottery in the CaribbeanCaribbean Sea

LottoShares will aim to become a revolutionary lottery system, taking on the traditional model of state-run lotteries, which offer next to no transparency.  Even though lottery draws are popular far and wide, once numbers are drawn, the transparency ends there.  LottoShares wants to change the game by operating on a decentralized platform.

The concept of LottoShares came to life due to a partnership between Michael Taggart – Founder of Della Terra LTD – and Mark Lyford – CEO of Banx Capital.  And now there is a third player in the mix, as Fantasy SXM plays a key role in bringing Lottoshares to everyday consumers and investors around the world.

“I am extremely interested in furthering blockchain based technology; BitShares technology is

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