Louis CK, the Comedian Adopts Bitcoin Payment

Who said bitcoin can’t be funny and entertaining? It can be both and as a proof we have the well-known comedian Louis CK offering his fans an option to pay with bitcoin to download his shows.

Louis CK has integrated BitPay on his website to accept bitcoin payments, becoming the first comedian to do so. Even though this new inclusion hasn’t been officially announced, all his shows now features “Pay with BitPay” button alongside PayPal, Amazon and Dwolla options. While all his shows are priced at $5, the latest one — “Live at Madison Square Garden” has a pay what you wish option where people can enter any amount between $1 and $85.

According to Louis CK, some of the material in that performance was already included in Comedy Store Special. As it contains some already used material, he doesn’t want to charge full price for the show, hence it is up to his fans to decide how much they would like to pay for it. Live at Madison Square garden is an audio only file and users can either choose to download it or stream it directly.

Paying with bitcoin to download Louis CK’s show is as simple as paying for anything else. One has to enter his email address twice, so that there are no mistakes and the download link is sent to the right email. Once the email address is entered, they can choose whether they want to buy for themselves or gift it to somebody else. After filling all those details, they can set any price between $1 and $85 and proceed to pay with BitPay. Except for Live at Madison Square Garden, all other downloads have a fixed price of $5.

Louis CK’s move to include bitcoin payments has been received well by his fans and the bitcoin community. Many people have already started posting about purchasing his shows on Reddit and BitcoinTalk which is good for Louis CK.



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