Love Bingo? Butlers Bingo Offers Exciting Bonus Deals

Butlers Bingo, one of the oldest online bingo companies offering a couple of cool offers like first deposit and redeposit bonuses to its users. Details below.

Butlers Bingo, an online platform to play bingo and other exciting games is currently trending due to their bonus offers and state-of-the-art gaming software. The platform name is derived from its founder “The Butler”, who himself is a bingo fan.

The gaming platform is said to have implemented using the Microgaming network, which is a secure and stable network used in the gaming world. Other than Bingo, the platform offers other games like video poker, blackjack and roulette.

In addition, there are chat games to increase the excitement with the help of Chat Managers. It looks like all gamers now have a cool place to hang out, as the Butlers Bingo is a gamer’s haven. They provide a well-built platform so that gamers get a stress free and enjoyable experience while playing games.

Coming onto the offers

As stated Butlers Bingo is offering a few exciting offers to their customers both new and existing. If you are a new user, the platform provides First Deposit Bingo Bonus. They top up your account with upto 250% bonus on your first deposit. Yes, it’s completely free. So, let’s say you made a deposit of £20, you will get £50 as bonus in your account. However, there is a max cap of £100 as the first deposit bonus.

Second, they have a redeposit bonus offer. If you deposit additional funds, you get at least 10% deposit bonus on all deposits. A few may think, this is on the lower side, but the platform tops it by adding Loyalty Points in your account. Users can make use of these loyalty points to play Bingo and Casino games.

This is not all, as Butlers Bingo also offers a wide range of periodic bonuses on the daily, weekly and monthly basis. Finally, when it comes to winners, a gamer, JammyGill won a whopping £47,387.18 on April 22nd.

For the full list of winners and offers, you can check their website.


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