LSD Saved My Marriage

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I grew up Mormon. That meant no alcohol, no girls, and certainly no drugs. I was taught that the caffeine in a single cup of coffee was all that was needed to land you on a slippery slope that would eventually end with you in a gutter, needle dangling from your arm, and I had zero desire to dabble with that fate.

And then life happened.

I graduated high school and moved out of my parents house seeing the world for the first time without religious filters over my eyes. I went to college. I traveled. I met people. At the ripe old age of 21, impregnated a female and was shortly after married. At 25 I was married with two kids and working in the Information Technology field. Although I was no longer religious I still held onto many of the morals and direction that were set for me as a child. My wife and I didn’t drink. We didn’t smoke. We didn’t do drugs. Our lives were living paycheck to paycheck supporting two kids with medical issues. My wife and I worked opposite shifts and rarely saw each other. There was cheating, pain, separation, and the 7 years that

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