Lyn Ulbricht Speaks Out: Lost Faith in the U.S. Justice System

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Creator of Silk Road Ross Ulbricht was given a double life sentence without parole on May 29th, 2015. A little over a year later, his mother, as well as himself are working on an appeal for a retrial to try to get the double life sentences dropped due to two of the agents being found guilty of corruption, extortion and theft.


Lyn Ulbricht, Ross’ mother, spoke to IBTimes UK about what they hope to gain by having a retrial, and her complete lack of faith in the U.S. justice system, and what Ross has been doing for the past 12 months of his incarceration. They filed the appeal for retrial on January 12th, and the government has until June 17th to reply. After that the defense can prepare the case.

“Evidence revealing that corrupt government agents had unfettered, high level admin access to Silk Road; and the ability to change, remove and add material to the site; as well as steal over a million dollars, was suppressed and not allowed to be known by the jury. The evidence was tainted and this

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