Macomb County Computer Enforcement Targets Dark Web Predator

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Macomb County, Mich.’s Computer Enforcement, Macomb Area Computer Enforcement(MACE) is targeting child predators on the dark web.

I had no idea there were so many sick people out there who want to prey on children,” Sgt. Pamela McLean, MACE.

McLean goes undercover to catch child predators. Around 80 % of their computer crime cases are child exploitation cases. “The want and desire for seeking out an underage child is so much, they can’t control themselves,” McLean said.



100 % of the people this team brings in are convicted of the crime. MACE arrested 90 % of the pedophiles in Macomb County last year alone.

“Most of our cases plead out in court, the almost all go to prison,” McLean said. “They are all registered sex offenders.”

It can be a dark world. A world where kids are looked at as the most vulnerable. Fox 2 witnessed firsthand as a Macomb County detective demonstrated how easy it was as he fired up an app and pretended to be an underage boy. Within seconds predators are taking the bait, showing just how vulnerable kids are.

“It’s through your computer games

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