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Mainstream Media’s Take: Strong Momentum For Bitcoin And Blockchain In 2016

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The final week of 2015 brought sparkling indicators for bitcoin and a blockchain streamer into 2016. Price stabilization, try collateral investment, financial institutions’ investment and bitcoin’s ability to raise cross-border payments all paint a certain destiny for a new year, notwithstanding a hurdles of cryptocurrency’s organisation with bootleg activity and a capricious impact of regulatory initiatives.

Another certain pointer was a augmenting courtesy from vital financial media such as Forbes, Fortune and The Wall Street Journal.

Fortune carried a underline summarizing both a certain and disastrous indicators and resolved a positives outweighed a negatives streamer into 2016.

Bitcoin Challenges Continue

On a disastrous side, Fortune remarkable that bootleg activity continues to undermine the growth of digital currency. In early December, a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charged mining companies owned by Joshua Garza – ZenMiner and GAW Miners – with handling a Ponzi scheme. Garza, a SEC claims, warranted $20 million offered shares in “hashlets.”

Illegal activity even cheerless an classification shaped to foster bitcoin, a Bitcoin Foundation. Near a end of 2015, a foundation

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