Major Cloud Hosting Company Cloudways Now Accepting Bitcoin

More and more companies are starting to see the benefits of accepting digital currency payments such as Bitcoin. Even though there have been various platforms offering domain names and web hosting in exchange for Bitcoin in the past, there is always room for additional companies to do so. And the latest one in that list is called Cloudways.

Cloudways – Cloud Hosting With Latest Technology

In the world of web hosting and cloud services, there is a lot of focus on new technologies and disruptive opportunities to gain an edge over the competition. By accepting Bitcoin payments, Cloudways is taking a major step forward towards accepting alternate payments.

Cloudways quickly established a leading position in the web hosting and cloud services space. Despite only being established in 2012, Cloudways quickly rose in the ranks, mostly in part due to their special optimization service. In fact, well applications and stores hosted on the Cloudways platform load 100% faster – on average – because the company uses the latest server load balancing technologies.

The decision to accept Bitcoin payments was not taken on a whim either, as Cloudways greatly values customer feedback on all levels. One of the most recurring requests was for the addition of Bitcoin as an alternate payment method, next to traditional payment methods such as credit cards and Paypal.

“Cloudways have always believed in innovation and bringing the best to the cloud hosting community. We are proud to introduce Bitcoin as one of our payment options.  We, here at Cloudways, always strive on being the people’s favorite and it is hard to deny the popularity that Bitcoin, a ‘free and open’ currency model, has been able to garner so far.  This is what makes this integration a perfect fit for Cloudways and Bitcoin.” – Pere Hospital, Cloudways Co-Founder told DigitalMoneyTimes.

At the time of publication, Cloudways services over 1,500 clients, which is quite an impressive amount. By offering a completely flexible and hassle-free hosting solution on the most trusted Cloud infrastructure providers, Cloudways have quickly established themselves as one of the leading cloud-hosting providers in the world.

Guaranteed Uptime And Top Level Security

As your society evolves towards using more and more cloud-based systems and applications, there have to be some guarantees regarding uptime. Cloudways puts a lot of effort into guaranteeing uptime at all times, combined with a strong focus on operating system security and auto-updated features of their cloud console.

Cloudways gives its users access to over 15 performance-related metrics, which can all be accessed with a single mouse-click. On top of that, the Cloudways console comes with an integrated monitoring mechanism to generate detailed reports for all of these metrics.  As a result, any user can gain a better understanding regarding the performance of their web applications.

Source: Bitcoin PR Buzz

Images courtesy of Cloudways and Shutterstock