Major Japanese Platform Enables Bitcoin Payments to 19 Million Users

Major Japanese Platform Enables Bitcoin Payments to 19 Million Users, an online entertainment platform that has 19 million users will enable its users to make purchases on the website with bitcoin. The feature is already active to millions of Japanese after being initiated on March 1, 2016.

With 19 million users, is among the top 25 websites in Japan and offers a varied marketplace that sells everything from online games, to smartphones, digital books to online English lessons and more. In a significant move that could plausibly help with wider bitcoin adoption in an already Bitcoin-friendly country,, via local bitcoin exchange Coincheck has used the latter’s settlement service to enable the cryptocurrency as a payment method to its users. users can now purchase DMM points with bitcoins, before redeeming the points for all products and services listed on the website.

Choosing the cryptocurrency as the payment to redeem DMM points is basically as simple as it sounds, as shown here. Furthermore, users who own a bitcoin wallet with coincheck to charge DMM points instantly.

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