Major Legal Services Company Starts to Accept Bitcoin Payments is a leading directory and Lawyer matching service headquartered in Basking Ridge, New Jersey and Easton, Pennsylvania. members now have a new way to pay. The online lawyer-match directory now accepts Bitcoin payments, allowing for faster, cheaper transactions. The new service is now offered with a 10% savings to members and potential clients.

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As an industry leader, hopes to transform the way consumers purchase online services. CEO, Gerry Gorman, says the decentralized currency offers lower processing fees for consumers and

“Bitcoins will account for $20 billion in payments in 2015 and the number of user wallets has doubled to 10 million worldwide in the last year. Bitcoin transactions reduce our costs, improve transaction speed and provide full billing transparency. In return, we can offer our services at significant savings.”

The Company is now offering 10% off all services to anyone who pays with Bitcoin. With this, the company also enables Bitcoin transaction savings passed on to their customers. Company members using the Bitcoin payment option can now enjoy 10% savings on all services.

The entry Premium Membership fee of $99 per month is now

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