Major NXT Exchanges Agree to Distribute Ardor Tokens

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Three weeks ago, NXT announced Ardor, a child chain platform built for anyone. This Blockchain-as-a-service platform will allow users to create their own sidechain’s, while still being able to communicate with the main NXT blockchain.

This will allow regular users to benefit from lower storage requirements while still being able to interact with other sidechains and the main NXT 2.0 blockchain, bringing along features like asset-to-asset exchange (a long requested featured in the NXT platform and cross chain asset trading.

The announcement seems to have been well received by the crypto community as NXT experienced a 157% rise in value since the day of the announcement.

NXT Price

NXT Price

This increase in value was bound to happen, considering that the only way to get Ardor is through NXT balance. This effect can also be observed in Ethereum that shot up a few days after the creation period for The DAO started.

But unlike an ICO or a creation period, The NXT foundation will distribute the Ardor tokens throughout users depending on their NXT balance at a ratio of 1 Ardor token for 1 NXT, meaning that users will get

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