Malware, Cybercrime and Changing Trends

We have been constantly presented with various news articles about hackers and cyber criminals constantly trying to make a fortune with bitcoin. Another way of illegally gaining bitcoin is with malware. In these cases, a developer may include a piece of malicious code into a perfectly legitimate looking software or application, with the intention of gaining access to the target computer’s resources.

There are multiple ways to gain bitcoins illegally, which includes ransomware attack, where a malicious code encrypts the contents of victim’s computer and the perpetrator demands a ransom (usually in bitcoin) to either unlock it for them or give them the key required to decrypt the encryption. Then there is hacking, where a hacker gains unauthorized access into a computer or computers in a network and copies, deletes or manipulates data on the network. The hacker will then claim a ransom for returning the stolen information or blackmails the organization or an individual by using the stolen information as leverage. If the hacker manages to hack into a bitcoin exchange or a wallet, then he will most likely walk away with the bitcoins available on the platform’s hot wallet.

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