Man Demands Ransom To Be Paid In Bitcoin

bitcoin-bomberIt looks like even ransom demands have gotten high tech – apparently, a bomber in the Netherlands has asked for his ransom to be paid not in cold, hard cash (or wired to some account somewhere), but rather, to be in the form of the Bitcoin digital currency. Dubbed the ”Bitcoin bomber” by the Dutch police, they are currently on a manhunt as he has allegedly planted home-made explosives at a supermarket chain known as Jumbo since May this year.

The police have already revealed this case to the public earlier this week, and are requesting assistance from just about anyone who has the right information in order to help them track down the Bitcoin bomber. Thankfully, no one has been hurt so far – and hopefully not in the future, too, as whatever bombs that had been planted have already been discovered at various Jumbo supermarkets in Groningen, Netherlands.

Unfortunately, one of the bombs was detonated, but thankfully, nobody was hurt – with the only results being a damaged window and door frame. The Dutch police have said, “In the letter the offender requests a quantity of bitcoins, an electronic payment. He writes that he will no sooner stop his activities until he receives the requested bitcoins.”

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