Man Who Was Held at Gunpoint for Bitcoin Comes Forward

Earlier this month, CCN reported on a nameless man who was held at gunpoint for Bitcoin in Brooklyn, New York.

Now he has come forward to another outlet, YouMeAndBTC, and in the below video he is identified as Todd Kantor and describes the events in greater detail. It appears that the story that CNBC and others ran was summarily wrong in some respects, notably how long he was held and how much backstory there was in the events.

In the video he says that this has been going on for some time in New York. He also says that part of the reason he was willing to just get in the car with someone was that he knew one of the people he was dealing with. He describes the case of a firefighter who was robbed earlier this year and apparently decided to fight back, which cost him a few weeks in the hospital and initiated his retirement from selling bitcoins.

He says that it’s “mostly younger kids” buying bitcoins

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