MANA Offers Nutritional Food Replacements for Bitcoin

Bitcoin allows customers from all over the world to purchase everyday goods in a convenient fashion.  Most consumers assume Bitcoin payments can only be used for electronics and gift cards and while there are many shops offering those products, there is a lot more to Bitcoin than just that.  Just recently, nutritionally balanced powdered food MANA became purchasable with Bitcoin.

MANA – Similar to Soylent, Gets You Through the Day

Over the past few years, some very niche products and service were made available in exchange for Bitcoin payments.  While most people would think of illegal goods and services, there are far more legitimate products to be purchased with Bitcoin and other virtual currencies.  MANA is just one example of “out-of-the-box” products you can pay for with Bitcoin.

While we at DigitalMoneyTimes are not advocating whether or not nutritionally balanced alternatives to food should be used or not, MANA seems to be presenting its case very well.  For those among us who are looking for a quick and convenient alternative to cooking food, MANA might be the right choice for you.

MANA wants to redefine food as we all know it, by providing a healthy balance between all forms of nutrition the human body requires.  No meal would be complete without a healthy dose of vitamins, proteins, fibres, minerals and fat.   But the main source of sustenance for the human body are carbohydrates, as they provide the main source of energy to help us get through the day.

Most of these food alternative solutions are rather expensive and this is where MANA wants to distinguish themselves from the competition.  With their meals being fully prepared within one minute – consumers just need to add water to get things going – at the price of 2 EUR per meal, there is a huge potential for this company to gain a lot of customers.

Accepting Bitcoin will certainly help in that regard, as MANA will be able to fulfill orders from all over the world.  The company ships all orders through couriers who will provide an option to track packages.  Orders for new MANA customers will be shipped out within a week after purchase, whereas re-orders will be processed slightly faster.

The Bitcoin Ecosystem Keeps Expanding

Even though MANA is not the first company offering nutritional replacement meals in exchange for Bitcoin payments, it just goes to show how many people are keeping a close eye on the progress of virtual currencies worldwide.  With lower transaction fees and the removal of fraud risks and chargebacks, Bitcoin has proven to be a superior payment method compared to credit and debit cards.

Some very odd items and products can be purchased with Bitcoin, but the main focus still remains on everyday goods and services.  Bitcoin is still rather inconvenient for purchases for everyday consumers, but some of them are willing to jump through some hoops once they learn they can purchase just about everything with virtual currency.

Source: Reddit

Images courtesy of MANA, Shutterstock