Marlow Man Arrested After His Overseas Package Got Seized

Morgan Whitecotton (32), a Marlow resident, was arrested on Thursday in his home during a joint action by the Stephens County Sheriff’s Department, Marlow Police and the District Attorney’s Task Force. The police operation was conducted after they received information from the Homeland Security, who intercepted a suspicious package from the Netherlands addressed to Whitecotton, containing MDMA. During the house raid of the man, law enforcement authorities found illegal substances such as LSD, marijuana, cocaine and items commonly used for drug distribution. The confiscated equipment included a capsule making machine, as well as syringes, liquid steroids, and marijuana pipes.

Investigators went undercover and watched as Whitecotton takes the package inside his house. Soon after this, authorities were able to issue a search warrant. Sheriff Wayne McKinney of Stephens County made this statement about the 32-year-old man:

“His home was within 2,000 feet of a school, which makes it even worse. You know, where our young children are going to school. You’ve got people in and out of this neighborhood, which is a very nice neighborhood in Marlow, in and out of this neighborhood dealing drugs. I’m glad we were able to get it off our streets and get that individual responsible for that in jail where he belongs. I’m pleased that we were able to do it. No one got hurt, which is the number one goal. But this individual, we were certain that he was trafficking or selling some of these drugs.”

According to law enforcement authorities, after they have arrested Whitecotton at his home, he admitted ordering the package online from overseas. He also added that he had done this about six times in the past several months. McKinney said the man was very cooperative with the authorities:

“He wasn’t totally surprised,” McKinney said. “Anybody that is committing crimes, I know in the back of their minds, they have to be wondering one of these days there is going to be a law enforcement officer waiting on me.”

Whitecotton’s bond was set at the sum of $100,000, and he bonded out shortly after his arraignment. His next court appearance is set for late August.

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