Mason Borda Orders a Tesla with Bitcoin

It is now possible to buy anything with bitcoin. Starting with something as simple as a pizza worth $10 to a brand new high tech electric automobile. Bitcoin has come a long way since it was first introduced in 2008. When it was first introduced, the idea behind it was well appreciated as it solved the double spending problem which was plaguing the computer scientists for a long time.

The blockchain technology used by bitcoin allows the protocol to keep a record of all the transactions happening over the network and prevent the same digital token from being used twice (double-spend). Since its introduction, the use of Bitcoin technology has grown beyond just digital currency. The Bitcoin technology is now being used for a range of applications in multiple industries. Even as a currency, Bitcoin is now increasingly being accepted by various businesses across the world.

Recently, Mason Borda, a software engineer at BitGo pre-ordered a Tesla Model 3 and paid for it using bitcoin. In his blog titled “I Just Preordered a Tesla Model 3”. Mason Borda  explains how he got introduced to Tesla in the first place and the process he followed to pre-order his

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