Mason Borda Orders a Tesla with Bitcoin

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It is now probable to buy anything with bitcoin. Starting with something as elementary as a pizza value $10 to a code new high tech electric automobile. Bitcoin has come a prolonged approach given it was initial introduced in 2008. When it was initial introduced, a thought behind it was good appreciated as it solved a double spending problem that was plaguing a mechanism scientists for a prolonged time.

The blockchain record used by bitcoin allows a custom to keep a record of all a exchange function over a network and forestall a same digital token from being used twice (double-spend). Since a introduction, a use of Bitcoin record has grown over only digital currency. The Bitcoin record is now being used for a operation of applications in mixed industries. Even as a currency, Bitcoin is now increasingly being supposed by several businesses opposite a world.

Recently, Mason Borda, a program operative during BitGo pre-ordered a Tesla Model 3 and paid for it regulating bitcoin. In his blog patrician “I Just Preordered a Tesla Model 3”. Mason Borda  explains how he got introduced to Tesla in a initial place and a routine he followed to pre-order his

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