Master of Mt Gox, Mark Karpeles Picked Up by Japanese Cops

Mt Gox, the largest bitcoin exchange at one time before its downfall attributed to alleged hacking attack is in the news again. This time, it is due to the arrest of the now defunct exchange’s former head.

The Japan based Mt Gox allegedly lost over 850,000 bitcoins amounting to over $450 million at that time when their systems were compromised by hackers in 2014. The main reason for disappearance of such a huge amount of bitcoin still remains unknown. The investigations hasen’t yielded any clear results so far and it is speculated that the disappearance of bitcoins from Mt Gox was due to theft, fraud, mismanagement or a mixture of all.

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Mark Karpeles, who was in charge of Mt Gox during the time of the incident was picked up by the Japanese police yesterday after he was suspected of manipulating the exchange data in February 2013. According to Tokyo police’s official version, The French born Mark Karpeles might have inflated his account by over $1 million after making changes to Mt Gox’ computer system.

The Japanese media including Kyodo News has reported that Mark Karpeles is also

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