Mastercard Expresses Fear and Ignorance of Bitcoin in Writing

Master CardMaster CardMastercard seems to be between a rock and a hard place. They will never catch Visa in the payments markets, according to the latest global figures, and see a real threat on the horizon in Bitcoin. Why would they spend the last year attacking digital currency in videos, to the Australian Senate, and now in a 4-page written statement? Something wicked this way comes. Something far better, as well. It’s called “The Future of Money.”

You know what your problem is, Bitcoin?

Mastercard has been around a long time, since 1979 in its current form and is a global leader in payment services. To thwart this existential threat to their future thiefdom, Mastercard has crafted this response to Bitcoin and digital currencies, in general. This is after the United Kingdom released its “Digital currencies: Call for information” missive. Mastercard and Bitcoin are about as similar as tuna fish

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