Max Keiser Rants About “Financial Terrorism” to College Students

In a presentation given to Erasmus University in Rotterdam on 26 September, Max Keiser totally lost it when talking about “financial terrorism.” The impassioned speech started with a student question. “You speak about your fraud that you committed as if it was nothing. I don’t know much about your personal life, but did you suffer any consequences from that?”

To a background of NXT and Keiser’s own BnkToTheFuture project (launched with Russell Brand), Keiser regaled students on the virtues of digital currency and the toxicity of traditional markets. However, at one point, seen below, things got shifty.

What followed could be considered a smoke screen tactic, since Keiser failed to answer the question adequately. While he would not be the first Wall Street trader to have knowingly engaged in fraud and gotten away with it, he’s a highly visible one who has come to embrace alternative money like Bitcoin among other cryptocurrencies. Here’s some of his of his rant:

The former Attorney General of America said that Wall Street is beyond prosecution. We’ll never prosecute Wall Street. They can do whatever they want. They’ve legalized criminality. The fact that Clinton, he repealed Glass-Steagle, that was saying “I love

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