Meet a Robin Hood-Like Bitcoin Ransomware

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Doing something bad with good intentions don’t make it right! Maybe no one told this to the cybercriminals behind this new Bitcoin ransomware. CryptMix, the new ransomware doing rounds on the internet extorts money out of its victims, but forwards the ransom for charity.

Like any other ransomware, CryptMix encrypts the files on the victim’s computer making it unusable. According to Heimdal Security, a well-known anti-malware and cyber security software company, the new ransomware makes use of psychological manipulation to convince its victims of its ‘good’ intentions. Mostly built using the source code from other open source malware like CryptoWall 4.0 and CryptXXX, the malware once infected can’t be removed from the computer without an adequate key, which has to be obtained by paying the ransom. To make matters worse, the cybercriminals behind the ransomware adds a time limit, which doubles the ransom every 24 hours until the ransom is paid.

In the ransom note, the hackers behind CryptMix explain the requirement of a special software with a special unique private key to decrypt the files. They quote the price of this ‘special software’ to be 5 BTC and the software, apart from decrypting the encoded files will also offer protection to the system, making it

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