Meet Jeff Garzik, a bitcoin developer creation income from blockchain

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By Olga Kharif

Technology companies, banks, and genuine estate brokers have high expectations for a blockchain. The record underpinning bitcoin could be used to pierce money, trade stocks, or sell houses some-more efficiently. One problem is that few programmers have a imagination to work on blockchain projects.

CODER-FOR-HIRE Jeff Garzik, one of about dual dozen core bitcoin developers, is capitalising on a hype by formulating a coder-for-hire use specialising in a blockchain.

His startup Bloq charges business $3,000-$5,000 a month to rise new facilities for blockchain program and have entrance to 24*7 patron support. PricewaterhouseCoopers has concluded to sell Bloq’s services to a clients, Garzik said.

“That opens adult a lot of doors for us early in a company’s lifetime,” he said. “Companies know who to call during 3 am if a blockchain is melting down.”

Garzik modelled his startup on Red Hat, that built a $11 billion association out of assisting businesses rise and exercise Linux and other opensource software.

He used to work during Red Hat, and he pronounced his formula can be found in each Android phone and in many information centers around a world. Since then, Garzik has been an critical writer to

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