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Aaron Welton aka Grandad

Barry Goers aka bghockey

The door to traditional financial service and trading careers are closed to many due to lack of formal education, location or simply life situations. Bitcoin can level the playing field for people who might not otherwise be able to engage in their chosen career path. First Global Credit, a bitcoin company with a head office in Geneva Switzerland is helping pave the way for young, talented traders to showcase their talents through a series of competitions they are running on their trading platform.

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The competition which just completed on Friday the 21st of August mirrored a live trading environment where competitors vied against each other to see who could make the largest bitcoin profit. Each trader was given 100 demonstration bitcoins (to be used as collateral margin) to trade over 100 well known stocks. The margin could also be used at the same time to trade in and out of 4 different fiat currencies as well. The players came from locations as far

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