MGT Capital Investments Inc. (NYSEMKT:MGT): Untangling The Latest Bitcoin Mining Update

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MGT Capital Investments Inc (NYSEMKT:MGT) is crash in a center of a overflow of ambulance chasers right now, and it’s press recover tide is mangled as a result. The normal financier logging on to a news feed will see MGT surrounded in lawsuits, lawsuit deadlines, that arrange of thing. Buried next this towering of bad press, however, is a new refurbish as to a company’s bitcoin mining operation.

This is a initial time we’ve had an refurbish on this arrange of thing from a company, and it finally offers some discernment into a scale and prospects for this area of McAfee’s business. For many, this is still a ghastly operation, though we’ve attempted to shin light on a several aspects of McAfee’s MGT over a final few months, and now it’s time to do a same here.

So, many reading will know what bitcoin is by now, and will have some thought of how it’s mined. Simply put, a miner uses his or her computing energy to determine exchange on a blockchain (bitcoin’s blockchain) and in return, accept an volume of BTC. The volume returned shrinks

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